Swedish companies have a great deal to offer in the Americas, especially within sustainability and technological innovation. With three of the world’s ten largest economies (USA, Brazil and Canada), this region is rich with opportunities across all sectors. At the same time, it is important to evaluate the risks in relation to the political situation and current events.

Our main export market outside the EU

The USA is the world’s largest economy and biggest importer. It is also Sweden’s main export market outside the EU – approximately 1,600 Swedish companies already have a presence here. The ten largest industry sectors provide access to markets larger than Sweden’s entire GDP, and the highest growth is expected within healthcare, business services and software.

Increasing interest in Canada

USA's neighbour Canada is a modern economy that has a lot in common with Sweden. Both countries are highly industrialised and technologically advanced and strive to balance profitable commerce with a clear conscience. The interest in Canada is increasing among Swedish companies – not the least thanks to the recently signed CETA free-trade agreement, which provides many new business opportunities.

Business potential in Latin America

Latin America, considered the world’s fourth largest economy, consists of over 30 countries with several traits in common thanks to the shared history, language, demographics and religion.

Mexico has the potential to become an economic superpower due to its large population, rich natural resources, and the highest number of free-trade agreements in the world. A similar forecast is applicable to Brazil, which is already a huge market for Swedish businesses – Sao Paulo has even been described as “Sweden’s largest industrial town”. Colombia's geographical position, 12 free-trade agreements and tax incentives for more than 35 countries make it an extraordinary platform for export. Another attractive destination is Chile, with its strong focus on mining.

Our presence in the Americas

Business Sweden has more than 40 years’ experience in supporting Swedish companies in the Americas and guiding American companies to find investment opportunities in Sweden. We cover the region from eight offices, located in the USA (New York, Chicago and San Francisco), Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. Our employees have in-depth knowledge of the local markets and can help you find the most suitable partners for your business. We also have several business developers in Sweden who can support companies in the early stages of expansion in the Americas – for example by identifying the most suitable markets for your company.